The style of photography that I practice, mostly, is candid and spontaneous. As a parent myself, I understand the urge to coach a child to “smile” or “sit still” or “look this way” or to brush the hair out of their face, etc. However, in my experience as a professional photographer working with families and young children, this usually gets in the way of the best possible shot and the overall mood of the session. The best photographs come from when kiddos are just playing, doing their thing and being themselves! I don't mind a race or a chase around the park to capture their true personalities on camera. Please try to keep this in mind during the session and let myself or my assistant direct the children as needed as well as any type of photo session.

What to wear: I know it can be nerve wrecking especially for photos.

The first step to answering what to wear during a photo shoot is to ask “What do you want from the photo shoot?” And you need to ask “What do you want from the photo shoot?” for most any subject including yourself, kids and even pets.

A lot depends on your taste in fashion, what you will be using the pictures for and what type of session it may be.



Why is this important?  It’s easy to see that you will feel most comfortable in clothes that you like!  And your comfort level translates to the lens, every time.  If you are comfortable and relaxed, you’re going to see that in the pictures. If you are wearing something you normally wouldn't wear, don't wear it. Be YOU and be comfortable.



One good example is most High School Seniors want to do high fashion looks for their senior pictures.  And who can blame them?  They are about to graduate high school and take on the world, they should be remembered with flair.  Chances are though that some of your family (maybe the older population) would much prefer some more traditional portrait pictures. We have you covered there, too – just bring multiple outfits.

For family portraits, I would recommend casual to dressy clothing. What the heck do you mean by that? If your family is very laid back and relaxed, then chances are that you and the rest of the family may be most comfortable in jeans. You can always dress up a little by adding button down shirts and other dressier fashions.  Is your family a little more formal? You can add sport jackets and dresses or even go the full formal route and wear suits and formal dresses.   Kid’s don’t want to get dressed up for the family portrait? Make a compromise and bring two wardrobes – one that they want to wear and one that will make you happy.  Relax - I shoot digital these days, so pixels are cheap.


20 Years From Now…

I want you to be able to go back through your album or framed photos and see and feel the emotion taking place that day. Those smiles and sparkles in your children's eyes I want you to feel them all over in your heart. I want you to be able to look at the photo of you and your spouse and remember your exact thoughts from that day when you stared deeply at them with admiration. 5, 10, 15 and 20 years from now I want you to be know that I captured a very special moment in time on photo that will forever keep those memories alive!



People always ask what is the best style of clothes and colors of clothes for their body and skin type.   Here are some suggestions.  You can always call and/or EMAIL me and ask what I would recommend for you.

Try to avoid patterns, they distract from the main subject…you! Given the choice between a patterned shirt and a plain one, I would reccomend the plain one.  In general, simpler is better. When coordinating pants and shirts or skirts and shirts, try to pick colors and fabrics that contrast, particularly with dark colors.  If you wear all dark colors of the same material, it will be hard to distinguish any details in the picture, making it unnoticeable.

Generally darker colors will slim you down. Bright colors can be tricky, especially if you are light skinned. Generally try to avoid colors that clash with your natural skin tone.  If your cheeks are always rosy colored, try to avoid reds.  If you have blond hair – avoid the yellows. Don’t forget you want contrast.  You can always bring a few sets of clothes to a photo shoot and we can mix and match on the spot. Don’t forget to coordinate your nail colors with the style and color of clothes that you will be wearing…


And Some Do’s and Dont’s…

• Do pick clothes that you are comfortable in.

• Do try on ALL the clothes before coming to a photo shoot. Nothing like finding out something does not fit at the shoot.

• Do remember to coordinate your nail color (both hands and toes if you will be wearing open toe shoes or if you will be barefoot). Also, remember that your nails should have a fresh coat, chips will show in the pictures.

• Do remember that you want contrast.

• Do have a bright light on when picking out clothes for the photo shoot.

• Don’t worry about bringing too many clothes, as long as you bring a variety.

• Don’t worry if you don’t like something, you can always go onto the next wardrobe.



Because I often book client sessions back to back, it is important for you to be on time for your session. Of course things happen, but it is a good idea to leave 15-20 minutes early in case there is heavy traffic, etc. It will also help everyone to feel less rushed/stressed, which makes for better images! :)

In the event that you are late, your scheduled session time slot will remain the same, as to be considerate to other clients who's sessions are booked right after yours.(meaning that if you are 20 minutes late for a 1 hr shoot, your session will be 40 minutes instead of 1 hr. I can work with you if I do not have other shoots scheduled after yours, but I often do).